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where has pre-season optimism gone

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Topic: where has pre-season optimism gone
Posted By: bolehall man and son
Subject: where has pre-season optimism gone
Date Posted: 26 Mar 2014 at 7:42pm
Just gone through the fixtures results players played and goalscorers for the pre-season friendlies and opening matches of the season and it begs some questions as to what's gone on. Early promising results-only team orient not beat and look ehere they are now for example. But we had penikett playing as a striker scoring 4 in 2 games and having chances. Now he's a winger watching numerous strikers come and go and he's still our top scorer. Jake Jones playing down the wing scoring 2 getting penalties and creating chances for penikett and then mysteriously dropped and shipped out. Doesn't matter who you've got up front if they don't get the supply they don't score. And Eckersley played all pre-season scored 2 in 2 and then bombed out as soon as season started! Maybe if we stuck with playing people in the right places and giving them a chance (remembet these were all players other teams wanted and we snatched them away from them) we might have had a bit more success as a team spirit could build and they'd know who was playing where rather than hoof it to a stranger! Oh and belford let a howler backpass in through his legs! Hopefully live and learn and rebuild properly next year

Posted By: CG RED
Date Posted: 26 Mar 2014 at 7:45pm

I was full of optimism pre-season. Holding Leyton Orient then going unbeaten in the first 3 games. I thought then that we would end up mid-table and maybe have a cup and trophy run.

I suppose I should be satisfied with 2/3 but not at the expense of relegation !!!


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