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Season ticket

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Topic: Season ticket
Posted By: Womble12
Subject: Season ticket
Date Posted: 18 Jun 2016 at 10:31am
Gone and renewed my season ticket for this year.


Three reasons:

1) the work that AM has done trying to bring the community back into the club is amazing. From nothing two years ago to an age group at every age. The cynics will argue that it is a money making scheme. Every club as to be funded, every junior, Sunday league player funds the club they play for by way of subs, getting sponsorship etc.

2) it should be an interesting season with the 3G new facility. I was very critical in the past that there as been no development of the ground, facilities for at least 15 years, the seated terrace was the last major outlay. This again is testament to the work that AM and the board have done.

And finally 3...

The side that AM is developing looks interesting, now whether, they go with ambition to win the league or merely have the same sort of season as last year all I want to see for my money is a team that competes in every match. There were good games last season, there were bad games, but overall we should take last season as a successful season.

Someone will argue that Tamworth should be winning the league, if we beat the teams in the bottom half of the table we would have at least made the playoffs, however, my thinking is that if Tamworth did go up, how could they compete against teams that are full time. They would struggle, the crowds would dwindle, cash will be tighter, journey men coming to play for a bag of sand a game then leave if we got relegated.

In this league they have time to put the infrastructure in place, that's a tick this season. They have a budget they can compete on, there's another tick. They can bring own grown players through for the future, there's another tick. There are hardly any planned midweek games, they should look to reduce the prices so more families can afford to come, a team competing infront of a 1000 plus fans will raise there game.

The only thing that does concern me is the amount of knobs going to games, the people going to cause trouble, set flares off etc.. Have we gone back 4 decades. To these people I say stay away you are not fans - they could destroy all the hard work put in.

Posted By: Pilgrim Pod
Date Posted: 18 Jun 2016 at 10:10pm

Signed up for my season ticket Friday.

Posted By: Footy Dave
Date Posted: 21 Jun 2016 at 7:29pm
Totally agree Womble, especially the last bit about the idiots, up to the real fans to get them out. I am unable to make it to many away games due to family commitments, but last season I made it to a couple of games & didn't recognise some of the morons throwing flares, hadn't seen them at home games. Bought my season ticket as soon as they were announced.

Footy Dave   

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